Whether we are beginner or experienced developer, we have all came across the access modifiers in our C# journey. This is one of the most basic concepts of building boundaries and also creating the path for different C# code modules to access each other.

We can easily find hundreds of tutorial and post online talking about it then why we need this Medium story? Here, we will try to understand C# Access Modifiers in a way (with examples) that we will not get confused about it in future.

So, we have six different access modifiers in C# but the most…

Before we start wondering about the existence, use, need and architecture of the In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG), First we need to look into the concept of In-memory processing.

So, what exactly is In-memory processing? In-memory processing is the practice of taking action on the data present in faster memory (i.e., RAM) rather than accessing the data in disk space. One way to make this practice more effective by eliminating the access to disk storage and completely loading the entire set of data in RAM.

let’s get back to the real topic of In-memory Data Grid (IMDG). IMDG is an architecture…

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